Municipal Waste Services in Alberta

Whether you are a member of a municipal administrative team looking for opportunities to partner with a local organization to provide a focused service to meet the current demands of your community, or a rural landowner looking for solutions to have your waste picked up regularly, our goal is to work with each client to identify their specific individual waste requirements, and develop and implement sustainable programs.

There are a variety of different service levels currently offered in Alberta.  These can range from a full-service automated collection that includes carts and cart management to a manual bi-weekly service that only collects waste.  Although some municipal landfills are banning certain items from their landfills to encourage diversion, there are a range of options for residential clients to choose their level of diversion.

The current diversion options and the media stories about recycling can lead to questions about the value of the effort.  At Collective, we have relationships with various processing facilities that will allow your residents to get the most value for their investment in the overall waste management strategy for your community.  There are options to direct material to end users that can produce goods that can be used in your community, such as recycled plastic curb stops and park benches.  There are local processors that are using innovative ideas to be flexible to the markets and use residuals to produce a fuel source for local manufacturing facilities.  In addition, there are options for wood, drywall, concrete, asphalt shingles, glass that can save landfill space and allow your community to build sustainably.

Reliable curbside pickup

Waste pickup is a staple of modern living and having a waste provider that will offer consistent and effective removal services is important.  Collective commits to ensuring that waste, recycling and organics curbside collection is done in a safe, economical, and appropriate manner that maintains our clients’ objectives and regulatory compliance, as well as the safety of the community we serve.

Recycling and large item removal

Any residential waste collection service that is requested for a community will not cover every possible scenario or event that requires services.  Some community offers value added extras to help those people who have limited mobility or just simply can’t haul out that lay-z-boy chair.  Having a plan to address some of the regular but intermittent larger item collections or diversion days can put additional strain on the planning for a smaller community but with some forethought and early planning every person can know they are doing their part to reduce the reliance on landfills in Alberta and take a more sustainable approach to waste management.

Do you have a couch, old mattress, or another large item you need to be removed? Are you looking for an eco-friendly alternative to landfills for your waste? At Collective Waste, we offer simple ways to recycle more. From our bottle and cans, curbside pickup to large item removals, we can ensure your garbage is taken to the right place and reintegrated into the environment in the greenest way possible. Our partnership with local recycling plants allows us to offer tangible energy savings to the community compared to manufacturing all-new products.

Working for your community

A community is only as strong as the people within it. By creating various partnerships in the communities we serve, we help build healthier, better, and brighter local communities. The best partnerships allow both parties to benefit and share their strengths to improve the community.

We have a proud history of supporting local community events and fundraising activities.  The equipment and material required to support events appropriately are accessible to all our clients.

Contact us to learn more about a waste program that is suitable for your community.