Oilfield Waste Services

Collective provides critical bulk fluid, solid waste transport, and potable water services to the energy sector, including those that operate in challenging, harsh, or remote work environments. We strive to meet all the waste management needs of the energy sector and other oilfield clients, with the capabilities of a national provider and the personal touch only a local Western Canadian business can provide. Our Operations Teams are conversant with the dynamic nature of Oil Sands work sites and are committed to integrating safety, waste management processes and reporting structure into operations.

We specialize in:

  • Waste Disposal Management & Reporting
  • Roll-off Bin Services
  • Front-Load Bin Services
  • Lime Sludge Bulk Hauling
  • Septic Waste Site Services
  • Potable Water Site Services
  • Bulk Fluids and Solids Removal

Collective customizes sustainable waste solutions that accommodate each of our clients’ specific requirements to achieve their objectives. Our experience and expertise in waste management and disposal alternatives supports our clients’ goals to reduce excess waste, simplify recycling systems, and lower service costs.

Front-load and roll-off bin services

Collective will provide your team with safe, effective, and affordable front-load and roll-off bin waste services for any sized project. Our containers are ideal for construction debris, asphalt, brick, green waste, garbage etc. Every operator within Collective is fully licensed and insured, making every effort to accommodate your exact drop-off instructions efficiently. We provide and support regularly scheduled or on-call bin pickup services within 24 hours – guaranteed. Don’t let waste and debris slow down your timetable.  We have a proven track record of significantly reducing waste volumes from camps and providing our clients with the ability to reclaim carbon credits – all while saving upwards of 70% of initial waste removal costs.


Sludge and biomass grow over time in your septic system, and require ongoing maintenance and removal. Collective has years of experience in managing lime sludge from Centrifuge to landfill in AER approved standards, providing a safe, sustainable solution. The cleanliness of our facilities have been recognized by the AER as we continue to provide on-site sludge removal solutions to our clients. It’s important to us that your business is operating at an efficient, sustainable level and we take pride in developing safe lime sludge hauling and management solutions tailored to each of our clients specific needs.