About Collective Waste

What Makes Us Different

Collective Waste Solutions has been providing Alberta Municipalities, Residential, Commercial Businesses, Construction Sites, and Oilfield Operations with waste management solutions since 2006. In 2018, Collective Waste has expanded our service offerings for Oilfield operations covering the Western Canada region. Collective Waste is a privately-owned Alberta based company that offers a full suite of customized waste management services including collection, transportation, recycling or disposal of all waste streams, both non-hazardous and hazardous that meets the requirements of our customers’ waste solutions objectives.

At Collective, we gain competitive advantage through developing a detailed understanding of customer requirements and aligning our services to specifically meet their needs – all while drive cost reductions. We provide comprehensive reporting to assist customers in identifying ongoing opportunities for savings.

Through our extensive fleet of trucks and proven record of safety, Collective Waste delivers professional waste management solutions while ensuring the safety of our employees, our clients, the public and the environment. Collective Waste is an Alberta COR certified organization backed by a group of trained professionals that focuses on ensuring collection of waste streams is done in a safe and appropriate manner that maintains our customers’ objectives, regulatory compliance, the safety of our workforce and the communities we serve.  We are also ISN certified, members of Avetta, and have a Certificate of Recognition from the Alberta Motor Transport Association. These are all testaments to the hard work, dedication and safety focus of our team and fleet. No matter the project, client or location, we continually work to meet and exceed all municipal, provincial, and federal environmental regulations in the regions that we operate.