Organic Waste Collection

Throughout North America, there is a push toward environmentally friendly waste diversion practices in the home, in the facilities we utilize, and the places we work. Collective is proud to stay abreast of the leading environmental advancements and to always strive to do better by keeping our customer’s communities, businesses, and job sites safe and clean.

Our organic cart service allows you to enhance your recycling efforts. Organic cart services makes disposal collection safe and easy, providing you with a high level of convenience that further protects the environment, reduce your carbon footprint, and make composting an easy task.

Organic cart services

Organic cart services are a convenient way for you to do your part and keep up with Calgary’s waste program requirements. We offer weekly organic cart pickup, rain or shine because we pride ourselves on being a dependable neighbor you can rely on. There is no need to worry about your organic collections causing any odor. The 64-gallon tote that we provide to each customer is specially made to avoid issues with cleanliness, including any unwelcome odors seeping out.

why SEPARATE your organic waste?

Canada generates over 32,000,000 tonnes of solid municipal waste per year – a shocking percentage of that is food waste. Landfills are not aerated, which means this organic matter cannot break down. Because organic and in-organic matter is mixed, all that oxygen-deprived organic matter releases methane into the atmosphere, which is 30% more powerful than CO2 and a large contributor to climate change.  As waste generation per capita continues to increase by 1.5% annually, waste diversion is crucial. The good news is, organic waste can be composted or recycled and converted into renewable energy. By diverting organic waste from landfills, you help in creating a more sustainable environment. Not only that, investing in an organics collection program will provide positive benefits to your commercial business by reducing costs when you separate heavy organics from general waste bins.

Below is a sample list of items that are acceptable to be placed in any of the organic cart services bins.

  • Vegetable and fruit trimmings.
  • Meat, dairy, and even bones
  • Coffee grounds, filters, and wooden stir sticks
  • Compostable plate ware and serving utensils
  • Food scrapings
  • Soiled paper towels
  • Tea bags
  • Household cooking oil
  • Hardened grease
  • Grass clippings
  • Sod
  • Plants
  • Leaves

Click here for a complete list of accepted organics items.

Contact us for more information or to start planning a program that works for you,